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The popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes has exploded over the last few years. The big problem is that companies have started catering to younger people with the use of flavoring and coloring techniques. Although products with bright colors and seemingly delicious flavors might appeal to adolescents and teens, it doesn't mean those products aren’t harmful. E-cigarettes contain nicotine just like real cigarettes. Nicotine is a dangerous chemical that causes heart problems; the nicotine can harden the arteries and lead to heart attack. Besides being outright dangerous, the chemical interrupts brain development.

One popular brand in particular is JUUL; they are known for their nicotine-heavy e-cigarettes. One e-cigarette container is full of nicotine that can be compared to a pack of 20 cigarettes. Most young users don’t know that JUUL vaping products contain nicotine at all. Even more, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention state that many companies don’t label nicotine in their products even though it is clearly there. The dangers of vaping are serious. Nicotine is a wildly additive drug that can lead to a plethora of problems.

Because e-cigarettes are relatively new, research is still being done and consequences keep adding up over time. For example, vaping products are made with more than nicotine: aerosol. Aerosol can contain harmful ingredients such as, diacetyl (causes lung disease), cancer-causing chemicals, nickel, tin, and lead. None of these ingredients are healthy for the body. E-cigarettes can even cause fires and explosions when the batteries are defective. When the e-cigarette liquid is ingested or comes in contact with skin, it is poisonous. Vaping can easily lead to problems that go beyond smoking the product.