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What Exactly is ‘Vaping’?

Vaping has become a trend not only among teenagers but also among some adults. Initially created to help cigarette smokers quit their habit, vaping has become a dangerous gateway for those who never smoked in the first place. There is evidence that smoking is more harmful than vaping, however, vaping can do substantial damage to your heart and lungs. Vaping is when nicotine along with other chemicals and flavoring is heated to create an inhalable aerosol. Performed with different mediums and mixed with different substances, differentiating vaping and smoking can be difficult.

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Vape pens

Can You Vape Marijuana?

The new trend of vaping has taken over traditional means of smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. While some believe it’s “healthier” or “safer”, using a vape to smoke weed is just as, if not more dangerous than traditional methods. Here’s why.

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The Juul Facts Figures Truth

The Juul: Facts, Figures & Truth

What exactly are the “healthy” alternatives to smoking cigarettes? Most people seem to think the Juul is the answer. Turns out they’re extremely dangerous.

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