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Uppers and Downers

There are two kinds of drugs: uppers and downers. Even though prescription medication is helpful, drug use is always something to be wary about.

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Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are prescribed by a doctor for treating a variety of health conditions. These medicines are safe and legal to use, but with many substances, be aware that you can become addicted.

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Not All Medicine is Good For You

Mom and dad take medicine all the time and they give it to you too when you’re feeling sick. Medicine can be the best solution when you’re feeling down, but did you know that not all medicine is safe?

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Drug Effects: Body & Mind

We know that some drugs are good for you while others are very harmful. We also know that even the drugs that are meant to help cure illness can cause even more distress on the user’s body if the prescription is misused or meant for someone else. So why is one drug helpful to one person and harmful to another? There are a bunch of physical and mental factors that play a role in how a drug can affect you.

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What Makes a Drug Helpful vs. Harmful?

When someone is talking about taking drugs, it can sometimes be confusing as to weather they’re using medication for the right or wrong reasons. Most drugs you will see in your lifetime are made by scientists to help people that are sick feel better. However, there are drugs out there that aren’t designed with the purpose of curing the ill

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