Types of Bullying
Types of Bullying

Types of Bullying

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There are many types of behaviors to be aware of in passing, such as physical, verbal, and social bullying. If you witness any of these behaviors, say something!

Physical Bullying

As the most obvious form of bullying, this one is a no brainer. Whenever someone is being harmed physically, that is bullying.

  • Punching/Pushing
  • Kicking and stomping
  • Slapping
  • Breaking personal items
  • Pulling clothes

Verbal Bullying

Words can often hurt more than physical harm because of the lasting effects. Unkind words and sayings are examples of verbal bullying.

  • Name-calling, even something as simple as “stupid”
  • Using inappropriate language in relation to someone
  • Teasing
  • Yelling/Cursing

Social Bullying

Social bullying can be a little more confusing or hidden; whenever relationships are harmed by someone’s negative behavior, this is social bullying.

  • Excluding someone from a group
  • Starting rumors in person, or online
  • Group teasing
  • Avoiding someone
  • Any type of cyber bullying is also included here:
  • Through emails, Instagram, Facebook, chats, etc.

* Cyber bullying is a huge problem in our society with so many people on different networks. Be wary of people who are demeaning, plain mean, or send cryptic messages. It is best to stay away from these people if possible.

If you witness bullying in any form, speak up and try to help out. It’s always better to lend a hand than to let someone suffer. Tell someone in charge, like a teacher, administrator, parent, or guardian. Speak up!

If you are being bullied yourself, try your best to reach out as well. It might be nerve-racking, but it is far better to get help than to continue the trend. Make sure to ask someone you trust.

You can call 911 for emergency situations. If you need any other immediate help, here is a great link for assistance.