Bulling: Innocent Bystander
Bulling Innocent Bystander

Bulling: Innocent Bystander

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What if you saw a kid like yourself being bullied by other kids. You are an innocent bystander, what would you do? Would you:

  1. quickly walk by with your head down?
  2. Stand and watch?
  3. Video the incident and then post it on social media?
  4. Step in and try to break it up?
  5. Find an adult to break up the incident?

Ask yourself, what would you do? There are many ways to respond to a situation like this. But, there is only one right way to respond. Do you know which one it is? Before you answer, you must place yourself in that kid’s shoes. You are no longer an innocent bystander.

Would you want an adult to step in to break it up, have a kid like yourself to try and break it up, have someone video the incident and then post it on social media, have a kid like yourself to just stand and watch, or have a kid like yourself walk by with their head down? As kids, you must know that bullying is a crime. Too many kids today are in bullying situations where they feel trapped.

That’s why it’s important for kids like yourself to stand up to bully’s by taking action and reporting it to an adult that can stop the crime. Don’t be an innocent bystander. Be a kid that takes action and do something positive to stop the bullying. It can end with you.

What would you do?