Love The Real You
You are worthy of love

Love The Real You

Posted in: Awareness

Red Ribbon Week is all about spreading awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. In the worst form, drugs can lead to addiction. Addiction completely changes your life, changes you into a different person, and leads to a disconnect of one’s self. The important thing is to love the real you, love your life, your personality, and people who love you back. Being able to accept and appreciate yourself is the best thing you can do to combat the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Love the REAL you - Everyone is special, no matter what. We all have something that makes us different in the best way - something that makes us beautiful. Try to figure out the things that make you feel good, that make you happy in who you are. Maybe that’s your kind heart, your love of math, your ability to make friends with everyone. You are wonderful just as you are.

Love your LIFE - Life is filled with so many experiences, so many good things that take over the bad ones. Learn to enjoy your school classes, engage in family events, takes long walks with your pets, travel to a new city. Drugs and alcohol bring nothing but emptiness, but life is full of wonder and joy. Let yourself experience the world.

Love your PERSONALITY - Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you active in sports? Cheerful and happy? Quiet and calm? Deep and thoughtful? Whatever your personality is, love it! Do the things that make you feel alive in the person you are. Certain activities might drain you, or brighten your day. The faster you figure those things out, the better. If you can appreciate yourself in your personality, you will learn to love yourself fully.

Love your FRIENDS & FAMILY - The people we love and that love us back can make life so much more worth it. Love drives happiness. Find the people that lift you up when you are happy or sad, and do life with them. As humans, we need connection. It is a necessary part of life. That is part of what makes life so wonderful and beautiful.

Learn to love yourself without drugs and alcohol. You are worth it!