Vape pens

Can You Vape Marijuana?

The new trend of vaping has taken over traditional means of smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. While some believe it’s “healthier” or “safer”, using a vape to smoke weed is just as, if not more dangerous than traditional methods. Here’s why.

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Why Gym Class is Important

Gym class isn’t just a break from a hard days work of school, it’s the beginning of a fun-filled fitness lifestyle. Even if it’s not your favorite class, it’s just as important as learning to read!

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Safety first

How To Stay Safe on Social Media

Social media might be a strange world for our parents but it’s a part of our everyday lives. While you just want to share pictures, play games and chat with your friends, there are dangerous people using the same sites. Here are some tips on how to stay safe.

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Not All Medicine is Good For You

Mom and dad take medicine all the time and they give it to you too when you’re feeling sick. Medicine can be the best solution when you’re feeling down, but did you know that not all medicine is safe?

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Beer cups

Over Glorifying Drinking: It Doesn’t Make You Cool

Drinking has become a dangerous right of passage of sorts for many teens. High school parties are the talk of the halls on Fridays and stay in the spotlight for the lucky attenders the following Monday; who brought the beer, who got “totally wasted”, and whose parents found out, but at the cost of what? The down right truth is that drinking can be the equivalent of having the worst seasickness of your life. But no one talks about that.

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Teens Who Have The Highest Risk of Falling Victim to Substance Abuse

Many times those who fall victim to substance abuse look back and try to figure out where they went wrong. No one sets out to become addicted to drug or alcohol, yet it happens. 90% of abusers show signs as early as their teens and some are much more susceptible than others.

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Good and bad peer pressure

Defining Peer Pressure: Good & Bad

The term peer pressure is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when someone around your own age attempts to influence you to do something. Most people think that peer pressure is always a bad thing, when in fact positive results can come from the encounter (depending on the situation). So, what makes it positive or negative, and what are some steps you can take to make good decisions when the pressure is on?

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Kid question

The 3 D’s of Decision Making

When you’re dealing with a problem that prompts you to make a decision, what do you do? Sometimes having to choose one thing over another can be very overwhelming and stressful. Working through your options with the 3 D’s of decision making can help you organize your thoughts and come to the best conclusion.

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Drug Effects: Body & Mind

We know that some drugs are good for you while others are very harmful. We also know that even the drugs that are meant to help cure illness can cause even more distress on the user’s body if the prescription is misused or meant for someone else. So why is one drug helpful to one person and harmful to another? There are a bunch of physical and mental factors that play a role in how a drug can affect you.

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