Dangers of Marijuana

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Dangers of Marijuana

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Even though marijuana is legal is certain states as of 2019, it is still very illegal on the federal level. You can get fined, go to jail, and experience further repercussions. Take note that it is also 100% illegal for minors, anyone under the age of 21, to consume and possess marijuana in any form. For those of you who are younger, avoid it; marijuana is more dangerous than you might think.


So, what are the dangers of marijuana? The substance makes an impression on minors sometimes more than adults. People who begin using marijuana before the age of 18 are 4–7 times more likely than adults to develop a marijuana use disorder. Addiction can befall you even after a couple uses. More than that, marijuana affects your attention, livelihood, and memory. Your academic performance in school will drop and your ability to comprehend and think critically about issues will also be affected. Is substance abuse really worth the momentary good feeling? No. Make good decisions and keep doing well in school in order to succeed in your future.


Don’t forget that underaged drinking and marijuana use are similar is terms of a DUI. You can face negative consequences either way. Marijuana affects your ability to drive; your depth perception along with reaction time will not be the same. If you are working towards your learner’s permit or driving with a capable adult, take care to keep someone responsible at the wheel.