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The Elks have a commitment to provide only the best research-based information. The Elks have established a working relationship with the Drug Enforcement Administration. In fact, the Elks are the “Boots on the Ground” for the DEA and our Elks Drug Awareness Programs.If you need other resources and/or information, please reach out and contact us.


Regarding the Elks Teen Zone, it is an ever-evolving website. We constantly are adding content and updating information to reflect the most current information. If you come across any information that you believe to be inaccurate or did not properly work as expected, we would appreciate hearing about it so we can work on improving this website and the experience for everyone. You can provide feedback to us at:

This information can be found in the bottom lower right-hand corner of each webpage on Elks TeenZone Lessons.


  • PDF version of Elks TeenZone Lessons Instruction Manual