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Leveraging the Capabilities Of the Online DVL Lesson Planner (Creating—Editing—Monitoring)

There will be many times that you will want to return to the Elks Teen Zone at You may want to create other lessons plans, edit the plans you have previously created, or monitor the use of your lesson plans by those with whom you have shared your lesson plan link.

When you return to the Elks Teen Zone, click on the word “Lessons”, on the gray task bar. click on lessons

A new task bar for the Elks TeenZone Lessons will appear, Click on the words “Login to Lessons”, on the gray task bar. login to lessons

Login to the site with your email and password. When you enter the information this screen will appear. My Lesson Plans

This screen will allow you to do many tasks—including editing your lesson plan, creating a new lesson plan with shareable link and viewing the Lesson Plan Dashboard in order to monitor usage of the assigned lesson plans. Lesson Plan Options

To Create another New Lesson Plan:

  1. Click on the green button that says, “Create New Lesson Plan”.
  2. Follow the steps for Creating a Lesson Plan found earlier in the manual.

To Edit an Existing Lesson Plan:

  1. Click on the black “Options” button. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Edit Lesson Plan”.
  2. A window will appear which contains the previously created lesson plan.
  3. Changes can made to the lesson.
  4. Once the editing has taken place, click the blue “Update Lesson Plan” button. Edit Lesson Plan

To Monitor the Usage of Shared Lessons:

  1. Click on the black “Options” button. Choose “View Lesson Plan Dashboard” from the Drop-Down Menu
  2. The following screen will appear where you will find:
    1. The Sharable Lesson Plan Link
    2. An overview of the Lesson Plan Details
    3. A listing of the students who have participated in the online lesson that you created. (See list to the right of the Sharable Lesson Plan Link)
    ![Edit Lesson Plan](images/edit-lesson-plan.png)
  3. Under student instructions will be a break down of data for each student. A teacher can monitor the progress that each student has made and the time spent on completing the lesson. The chart below shows data for three students who have accessed the shareable link.
    1. Student A –Kent –has begun the lesson and is 67% complete. He has spent 14 minutes 8 seconds of time on the lesson
    2. Student B –Jane –has completed the lesson as demonstrated with 100% complete. However, she only spent 54 seconds on the lesson, so further investigation may be needed.
    3. Student C -John -has received and opened the Shareable Link. However, he has not yet begun the lesson as it is 0% complete.
  4. ![Lesson Plan Progress](images/lesson-plan-progress-table.png)
  5. By clicking on the blue button, you can find a more in-depth breakdown on the time each student spent on the lesson as compared to the time that an adult would take to read the entire page. This data is useful to determine the student’s attentiveness to the lesson leading to better comprehension of the facts to be learned. The screen shot below shows a further breakdown of Student B’s (Jane) data by page of the General Information online lesson.
  6. ![Jane's progress report](images/progress-report.png)
  7. If for any reason, you wish to remove a student’s record from your results, you can click on the red button.