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How to Create Distance Virtual Learning (DVL) Lessons Plans Incorporating Elks Teen Zone Online DAP Lessons

Creating a Distance Virtual Learning (DVL) Lesson Plan:

  1. Return to the website: Elks Teen Zone at:

  2. At the top of the page, near the end of the top gray bar, click on the word “lessons”. This will take you to the Elks Teen Zone lessons page: Click on the word lessons

  3. Click on the green “Login to LessonsClick on the word lessons

  4. Log in with your email address and password that you created when you registered. Login with your email You are now ready to begin creating your lesson plan create lesson page

  5. The first time that you visit the “Create a Lesson Plan” page, you will see the following message. (When you return to this page to create a second lesson plan, the message in the red box will not appear.) create lesson plan

  6. If you choose “get started with a sample lesson plan”, you will be taken to a completed sample lesson plan. You will see the following message: get started notice

  7. Explore the sample lesson. Look at the various components which have been filled in for you---including the Objective, the Lesson Resources and the Student Instructions. When you get to the bottom of the screen, Click the “Check Link Availability” green box. If for some reason, your sharable lesson link has already been taken, change the name in the link. If your link is valid, then click the “Submit” button. OR

  8. You are now ready to begin your first original DVL lesson plan. Begin by giving your DVL lesson a name. The name should be something that reflects the topic being taught. You can include additional information such as Period # or Room #. (Example: Joe Smith’s Lesson on General Drug Information). you are now ready

  9. Select the online lesson(s) you would like to include in your lesson plans. select online lesson

  10. Once you have clicked on the “Lesson to Include”, in this case “General Drug Info”, a new menu will appear which will allow you to select lesson resources you may want to include in the lesson plan. These resources include articles, videos, worksheets, and other instructional resources that are available to enhance the students’ learning. resources

  11. Please note that the available resources can be used digitally and/or in a PDF format. For example, if you want the students to submit the crossword puzzle as proof of completion, you will need to download the PDF and send an attachment file along with your sharable lesson plan in the usual way that you communicate with your students. In that way, the students can complete the assignment and submit their work to you, the teacher, in the same way that other lessons are submitted.

  12. Once you have selected the resources that you would like to include in your lesson plan, it is time to develop the learning objective for the lesson. The learning objective should indicate the desirable knowledge,skills, or attitudes to be gained. An instructional objective should be the focal point of a lesson plan. objective

  13. Once the objective has been written, the next step is to write the Student Instructions. The instructions will tell the students what they are to do and what their performance expectations are. (These same instructions will be seen when you share the lesson with your students.) The instructions should be limited to 5000 characters of text. student instructions

  14. A Sharable lesson link will be automatically developed. This link will be found in the box below the student instructions. The link should reflect the lesson tittle. It will have no spaces between words, capital letters or punctuation. There will be hyphens between the words.

  15. Once you have completed the DVL lesson plan, you must click the “Check Lesson Link Availability” button at the bottom of the page. If you get the message that the link name has already been taken, change the name of the link. check lesson link

  16. Once you have made the change to the name of the link, click the blue button again. You will get a message that the Lesson Link is available. Click the “Save your lesson Plan” button. save lesson plan

  17. You will be taken to the lesson plan dashboard screen which shows your lesson’s sharable link.
    shareable link

You are now ready to share your lesson plan with your intended audience.